Payment Notice

  • Application Fee
    1000 NTD or 30 USD for each application. Domestic (Taiwan) payments are only accepted in NTD. International payments (via online system) are only accepted in USD. Other currencies and cash sent by post and in bank notes will NOT be accepted.
  • Payment Methods
    Three payment methods are acceptable:
    (1) Online payment via credit cards. Payment can be made worldwide. Payment will be denominated in NTD, without any processing fee. After online payment is completed, a confirmation will be shown immediately on the online application system.
    (2) Domestic payment via bank transfer in Taiwan. Domestic payment is limited in Taiwan and can be made via ATM money transfer or inter-bank fund transfer. Payment will be denominated in NTD. Additional processing fees may be charged depending on the bank’s policy. A confirmation will be shown on the application system at the day after the transaction is completed. If ATM money transfer is used, the applicant needs to check the balance appeared on the receipt by oneself. If inter-bank transfer is used, it is noted that the payment completed after 15:30 on the application due date will be counted as next-day transaction and thus will NOT be accepted. The applicant is responsible for completing the payment before the deadline.
    (3) Payment via international fund transfer. This is the only way to transfer funds from overseas. Payment will be denominated in USD. The applicant is responsible for additional processing fees, including those charges from the remittance bank, the intermediary/corresponding bank and the beneficiary bank. Due to the complexity of international money transfer, it will take several working days after the money transfer is applied. The confirmation will be shown on the online application system only after the money transfer process is fully completed.

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