Important Notice

  • The admission notice does NOT guarantee the issuance of a visa. A visa will only be approved by the Bureau of Consular Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs or Taiwan Overseas Representative Offices. Some Taiwan Overseas Representative Offices may require the applicant to submit the proof of English Language Proficiency (for enrollment of English-taught programs) for visa applications. For the requirement of visa application, the applicant can contact the Taiwan Overseas Representative Office in/near the his/her country.
  • Students from Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam and Malaysia are required to buy accidental and medical insurance (3000 NTD) on the online application system. Students from other countries should purchase insurance (at least 6 months) in their own countries.
  • Please provide an actual mailing address for receiving the admission letter via mail. The applicant is fully responsible for the consequence of undeliverable admission letter due to incorrect mailing address. The admission letter will NOT be sent again.
  • If there still is any question, please contact admission committee at NTUST.
  • If there is any controversial decision, the admission committee at NTUST has the full right to make the decision based on the school’s regulations.