Financial Support, Scholarship and Salary of Industrial Internship

• The 2020 TYBD-ME Program DOES NOT provide any financial support of tuitions and other school payments.
• All applicants are required for the tuition (close to 2,000 USD per semester, in the first three semesters; around 1,400 USD for the last semester), dormitory rental, daily expense and all other costs in Taiwan.
• The 2020 TYBD-ME Program WILL provide scholarship after evaluation of the students’ overall school performances and the approval of the TYBD-ME Scholarship Committee.
• Scholarship approximately ranges from 1,000 to 2,000 USD (per semester) depending on the budget limit.
• Salary of the industrial internship is to be determined by the agreement between NTUST and the company, and will be provided by the company.
• Doing a full-time internship in the industry, students are still regulated by Ministry of Labor (MOL). Based on MOL, the minimal wage is 23,100 NTD per month (around 770 USD).

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