• An individual of foreign nationality from ASEAN countries (including Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Myanmar (Burma), Cambodia, Laos, and Brunei), who has never held nationality status from the Republic of China (R.O.C) (as defined in Article 2 of the Law of Nationality) and does not possess an overseas Chinese student status at the time of his/her application.
  • Please see the MOE Regulations regarding International Students Undertaking Studies in Taiwan for detailed regulations: http://law.moj.gov.tw/Eng/LawClass/LawAll.aspx?PCode=H0110001
  • The applicant is eligible for this TYBD-ME Program only if he/she has NOT completed a university bachelor’s degree program but completed the second semester of the second year in a university bachelor’s degree program (not including programs at an open university), or an equivalent undergraduate degree program (for example: Diploma III in an undergraduate program).
  • The applicant must provide the following certificates to be eligible for this TYBD-ME Program:
    • The Certificate of attendance of the university bachelor’s degree program (or an equivalent undergraduate degree program), or the certificate of transfer, or the certificate of leave from studies.
    • The official transcript(s) of his/her results for all undergraduate academic years attended.
  • Once admitted, applicant who violates either of the above rules would result in immediate cancellation of the applicant’s admission or the deprivation of the applicant’s recognized status as NTUST registered student, or revocation of applicant’s NTUST diploma. No academic certificate will be given.
  • Reference about Article 2 of the Law of Nationality
  • A person shall have the nationality of the Republic of China under any of the conditions provided by the following subparagraphs:
    • His/her father or mother was a national of the Republic of China when he/she was born.
    • He/she was born after the death of his/her father or mother, and his/her father or mother was a national of the Republic of China at the time of death.
    • He/she was born in the territory of the Republic of China, and his/her parents can’ t be ascertained or both were stateless persons.
    • He/she has undergone the nationalization process.

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